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Fair Hill Cross

Scan-141112-0009My wife got me a Sprocket Rocket for our anniversary. It’s a blast to let loose with. It might work better using color with tighter framing. I used Tri-X at box speed. Unfortunately my Xtol was stale and I had to salvage these from extremely thin negatives.






My Dogs, My Wife, and My self.

Scan-141103-0001Random pics from the summer. Bessa R3M with Portra 800 shot at 400.





Green Milk and Tam

Scan-141102-0003From our summer brunch adventures in the Fairmount area. Porter 800 shot at 400 with a Bessa R3A.


Carving Pumpkins

_DSF2838My first attempt at carving pumpkins. Mine are thems littlest guys near the right.


Yeah so this happened…

_55A4893Poor guy was trying to stay dry between the screen and the storm window. Never would’ve known—he was covered by curtains—if it wasn’t for Christopher’s growling. Canon 5D Mark III.

Cookout with Wisconsin friends.

Scan-141010-0004Day two of our little reunion with Marc and Mel. Nikon F2 shooting Fuji Superia X-tra 800 rated at 400 ISO.



Frankford Hall, Summer 2014

Scan-141009-0001Theme of the get-together: Babies and Beer. Just a quick reunion while Marc and Mel were in town. Nikon F2 shooting Fuji Superia X-tra 800 at 400 ISO.

Scan-141009-0004 Scan-141009-0005 Scan-141009-0008 Scan-141009-0009

Born to Run.

Scan-141008-0014Well… either run or hike. It’s been a while. Olympus 35RC shooting Portra 800 at 400.

Bikes and People.

Scan-141008-0009Just finally finished a roll from the summer. Olympus 35RC shooting Portra 800 at 400.






Nothing more Wisconsin than cows.

Scan-141007-0006Just finally finished a roll from the summer. Olympus 35RC shooting Portra 800 at 400.




Granogue Cross

Scan-141001-0001Yeah… I didn’t do so hot. Running is taking its toll. Fun course though; I’d do it again next year. Rolleiflex MX-EVS shooting Tri-X pulled to 100.


Night Race!

_55A4826Due to diminishing daylight, the last race of our September series was run at night. It was actually pretty cool. Looking forward to a season of night running. Shot with the 5D Mark III.








Labor Day Weekend in Washington, DC.

Scan-140915-0015It was so humid, our running gear—clothing, watches, sunglasses—wouldn’t dry in the hotel room overnight even with the fan blasting. Nikon F2 shooting Tri-X pushed to 3200.








Street Fare Mount Airy: Sip, Savor, Stroke.

_DSF2770A change of pace for the running group. We usually loiter with pizza and beer in the Valley Green Inn parking lot after our run. Fuji X-Pro1 with a Jupiter 8.


Frankford Hall: The Next Generation.

Scan-140812-0023We missed the memo regarding bringing a baby. Getting them started with beer halls younger and younger. Nikon F2 armed with Tri-X pushed to 3200.

Scan-140812-0021 Scan-140812-0022 Scan-140812-0024

Hit-or-Miss with Sunny 16

Scan-140812-0013I tried to do the math, but in the end I think I winged it. Some shots came out dense; others turned out way anemic. Lot of work on these. Tri-X pushed three stops in a Nikon F2. Maybe it was the push processing that screwed these up.

Scan-140812-0014 Scan-140812-0016 Scan-140812-0018

Midtown Sangria

Scan-140812-0009Pre-gaming with drinks and hors d’oeuvres before Tammie’s birthday dinner. Nikon F2 shooting 400TX pushed to 3200.

Scan-140812-0008 Scan-140812-0010

Thursday Night Running Group

Scan-140812-0005Engaging in suspect behavior at Valley Green Inn in the Wissahickon. Nikon F2 shooting Tri-X pushed three stops.

Scan-140812-0001 Scan-140812-0004 Scan-140812-0006 Scan-140812-0003

Supermoon Afternoon

_DSF2524We cooked out at Kelly’s for a play-date with baby Grace and the dogs. Jupiter-8 wide open on an X-Pro1





Cooped Up

_DSF2508Poor babies. Between the heat, the rain, and my wife’s hamstring injury, we haven’t been able to run them much. We might have to resort to—gasp—walking them. Russian Jupiter-8 on a Fuji X-Pro1.


The Grate Ride

Scan-140723-0008Reconnecting with fall teammates and getting in some longer miles as the summer kicks into gear. Olympus 35RC shooting Portra 800 at 400.

The Dog Days of Summer

Scan-140722-0003A moped, free margaritas at El Limon, a pool, grilling sausages at Kelly’s. Olympus 35RC with Portra 800 shot at 400.

Scan-140722-0002 Scan-140722-0001 Scan-140723-0003 Scan-140723-0004 Scan-140723-0005

Midwest Adventure Tour: Coming Home

Scan-140721-0002Tammie unintentionally took extra time off before returning to work. Which was fortunate because she unintentionally took I-80 instead of the turnpike, making the long drive (13 hours) even longer (15 hours). Above, the last proper rest stop we saw. Below, having post-post-run-Zorba’s coffee on our free day. Leica IIIf Summitar shooting Tri-x pushed to 3200.


Midwest Adventure Tour: Chicago Burbs

Scan-140719-0008Catching up with old friends and their young kids. It’s sad; we don’t even go to the city anymore. Leica IIIf Summitar shooting Portra 800 rated at 400 and Tri-X pushed to 3200.

Scan-140719-0006 Scan-140719-0007Scan-140719-0009 Scan-140719-0012 Scan-140719-0014 Scan-140719-0018Scan-140719-0021

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