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Frankford Hall: The Next Generation.

Scan-140812-0023We missed the memo regarding bringing a baby. Getting them started with beer halls younger and younger. Nikon F2 armed with Tri-X pushed to 3200.

Scan-140812-0021 Scan-140812-0022 Scan-140812-0024

Hit-or-Miss with Sunny 16

Scan-140812-0013I tried to do the math, but in the end I think I winged it. Some shots came out dense; others turned out way anemic. Lot of work on these. Tri-X pushed three stops in a Nikon F2. Maybe it was the push processing that screwed these up.

Scan-140812-0014 Scan-140812-0016 Scan-140812-0018

Midtown Sangria

Scan-140812-0009Pre-gaming with drinks and hors d’oeuvres before Tammie’s birthday dinner. Nikon F2 shooting 400TX pushed to 3200.

Scan-140812-0008 Scan-140812-0010

Thursday Night Running Group

Scan-140812-0005Engaging in suspect behavior at Valley Green Inn in the Wissahickon. Nikon F2 shooting Tri-X pushed three stops.

Scan-140812-0001 Scan-140812-0004 Scan-140812-0006 Scan-140812-0003

Supermoon Afternoon

_DSF2524We cooked out at Kelly’s for a play-date with baby Grace and the dogs. Jupiter-8 wide open on an X-Pro1





Cooped Up

_DSF2508Poor babies. Between the heat, the rain, and my wife’s hamstring injury, we haven’t been able to run them much. We might have to resort to—gasp—walking them. Russian Jupiter-8 on a Fuji X-Pro1.


The Grate Ride

Scan-140723-0008Reconnecting with fall teammates and getting in some longer miles as the summer kicks into gear. Olympus 35RC shooting Portra 800 at 400.

The Dog Days of Summer

Scan-140722-0003A moped, free margaritas at El Limon, a pool, grilling sausages at Kelly’s. Olympus 35RC with Portra 800 shot at 400.

Scan-140722-0002 Scan-140722-0001 Scan-140723-0003 Scan-140723-0004 Scan-140723-0005

Midwest Adventure Tour: Coming Home

Scan-140721-0002Tammie unintentionally took extra time off before returning to work. Which was fortunate because she unintentionally took I-80 instead of the turnpike, making the long drive (13 hours) even longer (15 hours). Above, the last proper rest stop we saw. Below, having post-post-run-Zorba’s coffee on our free day. Leica IIIf Summitar shooting Tri-x pushed to 3200.


Midwest Adventure Tour: Chicago Burbs

Scan-140719-0008Catching up with old friends and their young kids. It’s sad; we don’t even go to the city anymore. Leica IIIf Summitar shooting Portra 800 rated at 400 and Tri-X pushed to 3200.

Scan-140719-0006 Scan-140719-0007Scan-140719-0009 Scan-140719-0012 Scan-140719-0014 Scan-140719-0018Scan-140719-0021

Midwest Adventure Tour: Madison, WI

Scan-140719-0005No one told us the Wisconsin visitor’s tax was 4 lbs. That’s a pound a day! Leica IIIf Summitar shooting Portra 800 rated at 400. The 120s are from a Rolleiflex 2.8f loaded with Tri-X at box speed.

Scan-140718-0003 Scan-140718-0008 Scan-140719-0003 Scan-140720-0001 Scan-140720-0003 Scan-140720-0004

Midwest Adventure Tour: Galesburg, IL

Scan-140717-0001The first leg of our summer road trip. The dogs loved the open field behind Tammie’s childhood home. Shot on Tri-X at box speed with a Leica IIIf and Summitar lens. The camera might need service, one of the curtains isn’t clearing the frame.

Scan-140716-0002 Scan-140716-0004 Scan-140716-0005 Scan-140717-0006 Scan-140717-0004 Scan-140717-0005 Scan-140717-0009


Scan-140716-0001This little guy survived a tree branch that took down our deck during the last ice storm. Tri-X 400 with a Leica IIIf, Summitar.

The haircut event: before, during, after.

Scan-140627-0003We usually make a night out of Tammie’s hair appointments in Manayunk. Above: pre-haircut quizzo at Earth in Mount Airy. Below: putzin’ around the towpath while she gets it done… followed by the finished product. Scan-140627-0005 Scan-140627-0008 Scan-140627-0007

Spring Roll

From my Bessa R3M shooting Tri-X pushed three stops to 3200. Took several weeks to finish off the roll.

Scan-140603-0012 Scan-140603-0014From Pizza night at Rob’s, hanging out on a chilly spring evening. Joe got ahold of the camera for a first-frame selfie.

Scan-140603-0008Scan-140603-0010From Corned Beef night at Joe’s; Rob with tequila in a Scotch glass, Joe with hi phone.




Scan-140601-0004In front of the Valley Green Inn after the last race of the Spring Trail Series.




Scan-140603-0007The party moved on to Iron Hill.

At last, the last roll from the last winter.

Scan-140530-0012The aftermath of winter storm Nika; the reason I had to make the trek from Bala Cynwyd, down Manayunk, up Roxborough, down through the Wissahickon, and finally up Mount Airy. Tri-x 400 pulled two stops with a Voigtlander Bessa R3M.

Scan-140530-0007 Scan-140530-0010 Scan-140530-0009 Scan-140530-0013 Scan-140530-0018 Scan-140530-0015 Scan-140530-0019 Scan-140530-0003 Scan-140530-0002 Scan-140530-0004 Scan-140530-0006 Scan-140530-0005

Shenandoah National Park

Scan-140527-0020Smelly bro weekend. My first time up a mountain, if this does count as a mountain: two cat 2s climbed, 6k feet ascended, 3k descended. Wasn’t bad at all, and the way down was a piece of cake. Brought the Olympus 35RC in my back jersey pocket though I was more focused on climbing. Film spooling mishap; Tri-X pulled two stops.










Valley Green Inn

_DSF2370After the second of four Spring Series races. Above, tonights winner and the course designer. Below, Doug sandwich.


Burger Night

Scan-140513-0007Patties starting with most awesome: bison, Julia, lamb. Yashica A shooting Tmax 100 pushed three stops—yep I brought the wrong film.


Before the Leaves

Scan-140512-0003As bad as the past winter was, you gotta admit we had some gorgeous seasonal days. Hasselblad 500 C shooting Tmax 100 pulled two stops.




Smoked Pork Sunday

Dinner party with the Hus and the Sutherlands. Fuji Pro 400H with a Bessa R3M.

Cat in a Pot.

Right outside the Marcus-Sfekas home. Fuji Pro 400H with Bessa R3M.

Crowded Sagami, Empty Goat Hollow.

From winter; just catching up on a backlog of unprocessed film. Bessa R3M shooting a mix of Fuji Superia X-TRA 400 and Pro 400H.

Winter and Spring Foot Racing

Jason’s podium at Lums Pond. Nice day for a race on snow and ice. The 5k course was a bit more treacherous. 2nd age, 6th overall.

Footrace around Granogue’s iconic hill. Did the 5k. The 10k had much deeper snow. 1st age, 5th overall. Got beat by three ten-year-olds

No line at Brandywine. Lots of rollers and crossings on this course. 1st age, 5th overall for the 5k. Beat by one ten-year old.

Post-White Clay 10k. Took a wrong turn and brought a big group with me. Kept looking back thinking “We can’t all be off the course.” Finished something like 42nd out of 140-plus. Mix of Fuji Superia X-TRA 400 and Pro 400H with a Bessa R3M.