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If it sticks to the wall…

Ice Storm Nika

Aye. It was an expensive morning for everyone involved.

Random Snaps in January.

Waiting for a well-deserved burger at Shake Shack.

At High Point Cafe awaiting their doggie treats.

Han Dynasty causing a spike (sodium, water retention) in my weight loss chart.

Waiting for a well-deserved BLT at The Devil’s Alley.

We though this was a spider web. Would’ve been impressive. Shot on Tri-X 400 pushed processed to 3200 using a Bessa R3A.


Shifty’s Taco

We finally went. It was good. Tri-X 400 pushed to 3200 using a Bessa R3A.

FalSam in Philly.

Caught up with Sam while he was in town for a Kite Eating Tree reunion slash 40th birthday bash for the guy seen above, left. They haven’t played together in 17 years. I was surprised how little my ears rang after the show; that could be a bad thing. Tri-X 400 pushed three stops using a Bessa R3A.

Pointing or just cold?

I ordered a Wisdom Panel DNA test to get handle on the little man’s instincts and behavior. He’s mostly good except for his impulse to viciously bark at other dogs. My guess is Aussie or Heeler mixed with some sort of terrier or sight hound. We’ll know in a few weeks.

The Slowest Ride

Tried taking a camera along on a ride. The bulk was manageable but I need better shoot/ride balance; spent too much time off-saddle. Didn’t help that I had a puncture. Tmax 400 pull-processed two stops with the Mamiya m645 1000s.

Let it snow.

We got over six inches in one dumping. Happy New Year! Bronica SQ-A with Tri-X pulled two stops.

The last roll of 2013

Here we have babies, birthdays, and goodbyes. Tri-X 400 pushed three stops.

Galesburg to Riverside

Some pictures from Tammie’s hometown. Some pictures of Ben, Amy, and Simone. Hasselblad 500 C, 80mm Planar, Tmax 100 pulled two stops.

Jingle Dogs, Ben, and Simone.

Brrr. Random pics from our trip over the holidays.

Kite and Key

Mel and Marc’s going away bash. Beer makes the best faces.

Just Another Day at the Belmont Plateau

Parachute Hill, SSCXWC. Kodak Tri-X pushed three stops to 3200.

Turkey Weekend

Tammie took the week off. Her folks were over for the holiday. I got carried away and roasted two breasts.

Bilenky Plus Three

Tri-X 400 pushed three stops. Pretty punchy look.

Snow Day!

The woods by the house. Just getting out to stretch the legs and enjoy the powder.

Bilenky Junkyard Minus Two

Tmax 100 pulled two stops. It was tricky trying to get enough light for EI 25.

Epic Bike Party

Free beer + cyclocross = good times at the top of Parachute Hill.

Bilenky Junkyard Cross: Quick Pics

I thought I’d use the 5D more but ran with the Tri-X until I was out. These are from the last laps of the day.

PA State Champs

West Chester, Pennsylvania. The true champs were the spectators heckling in the bitter, gusty, cold… like me. Tri-X pulled two stops.

Brick House

That’s where we live right there. End row house, with a convenient “driveway” for bikes.

Kutztown in Color.

Love the junkyard. Unfortunately most of the race winds through a flat, open field. Oh well, Junkyard Cross is coming up in two weeks.

HPCX in Color.

Highland Park. Great venue for cross and taking pictures.

Fair Hill CX in Color

A few entries back I posted the Tri-X shots from this same race. That was wide angle, these are normal.


Anniversary weekend, this time in color. Not terribly impressed with the rendering of this Zenzanon lens.


Cabin Weekend

Glenwolman Lake in Melc, Pennsylvania. Actually I have no idea where we were. I just went where Mel told us to.

It’s a Doggy Dog World.

Some great fun at Kelly’s yard. And then tired.

Jeff and Lara

At the old Mugshots. It’s a much brighter, larger, more open space now. Better coffee too. Can never remember the name though.

Something New

From a roll I took this summer. Turned out they were finishing work on a J.Crew Factory behind the plywood.

Chestnut Hill Coffee Company

They roast their beans on site. Good place to get work done too. Really the only game in town.

Kutztown CX

Pretty miserable, as far as exposing Tri-X goes. Pushed three stops.

HPCX 2013

Diggin’ the wide. It’s disconcerting at first, but it’s nice not having to have to focus. Tri-X 400 box speed.

Fair Hill CX 2013

Trying to shake things up. I’ve gotten too comfortable with the normal 40–50mm perspective. This is wider. Tri-X 400 at box speed.

A Weekend in Lake Placid.

The Tamster and I: we are five now.

Celebrated our anniversary in Upstate New York. We had planned on riding the Ironman course but—due to weather—did a short run around Mirror Lake instead. Good thing too, because I’m not in my fighting weight.

At home, dogs and the Wissahickon.

Scanning straight on the glass. I like the film rebate but the novelty will probably wear off quickly.

West Chester CX

Tmax 400 and Tri-X pulled two stops on a Rolleiflex Automat MX-EVS.

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